Monday, January 19, 2009

Muffy Does New Hamburg...AGAIN!

During the semi-regular hibernation of The Daily Muffy I'll be resurrecting a few older episodes, now presented for full Flickr posterity. Starting today is 2006's "Muffy Does New Hamburg."

Hamburg 0

It includes some updated commentary, since several awful things have happened to New Hamburg since Vanilla and I were there. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Umm, for someone as asexual as you, you DO realize don't you that you are referencing Debbie Does Dallas series? :)

Lois said...

Hey Muffy!
Did you know tht the old Baden school has been torn down? They are putting in town houses or condo's or something.
I couldn't get the flicker to flick so I had to be content with looking at the pictures of my old stomping grounds. (Really old!)
I am getting old and senile and I am still pretty much naive in a lot of things so I won't ask what exactly Debbie does in Dallas. Like I always say,"if you don't want't to know don't ask!"
As always, your blog is an eye-opener for me Muffy and you make me laugh!
Have a GREAT hibernation and we'll read you when you return full force.

Adam Thornton said...

Oh yes JJ, the DDD reference was conscious, but also ironic. :)

Lois, I haven't seen the Baden school wreckage but I knew they were in the process of tearing it down. First Wilmot, then Baden, what's next?

Hopefully the New Hamburg pictures will bring back some memories too...

Anonymous said...

the DDD reference was conscious, but also ironic. :)

that's whay she is kissed wood...

Kimber said...

New Burger!!! Now this is an homage I like. Thanks for doing our old hometown justice, Muffy.

Adam Thornton said...

Enjoy the show, Kim!