Monday, March 30, 2009

From Moses to Wicker Furniture

From the June 15, 1929 New Yorker, we get the most desperate advertisement ever.

Little did Pharoah's daughter know, on finding Moses in his basket in the bulrushes, that she had seen wicker furniture in its earliest form.
Pardon me, W.& J. Sloane, but that's probably the worst segue I've ever seen. From Moses to "colorful, cool, comfortable" wicker chairs...all because of that little basket. Wow!


Gary said...

And thus saith Moses unto Pharoah:

"Let my people buy..."

Oh well, another "basket case" advertisement A 'plague' on them!

Adam Thornton said...

You really should work for an ad agency, Gary.

Gary said...


Thanks, er, I guess.

It may be ads like these that put the "Mad" in "Madison Avenue"!