Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stereotypes Come True

Jesus Christ. Just LOOK at them.

(From the July, 1985 issue of Antic Magazine)


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, look at them.

But where are they today?

Running a Fortune 500? Inventing an operating system? Sending harmful substances through the mail?

Or just posting responses on blog sites (sigh)?

Adam Thornton said...

Ahhh, Gary, is that YOU in the pith helmet?

Anonymous said...

Nah...can't pin that "honor" (?) on me:

1- Didn't like hats.

2- My glasses may have been thicker than his when I was that age.

3- Don't know if I looked that cool back then...

4- I was a Commodore user, not Atari.

Adam Thornton said...

Were your hands as big as his were? I mean wow, look at those Frankenstein mitts on him.

I'm sure the Commodore events were equally sad.