Monday, April 20, 2009

"A Big Gay Storm" Gets Some Big Gay Attention

I just noticed that a whole bunch of people were suddenly subscribing to my YouTube channel. That "Big Gay Storm" video I made last week was ratching up the hits, and by following the links I discovered -- wow! -- that I topped a Queerty "Top 10 Gathering Storm Parodies" list!
And our winner for the best NOM parody goes to Ms. Muffy St. Bernard. Leave it to the drag queens to come up with a wholly original take on the ad. This is everything that a good parody ad should be: It's a delightful send-up that is not only wildly entertaining, but also drives home its message by utilizing the comic power of leopard print and tiny, dirty pillows.
I mean holy cow, that's pretty cool, though maybe I should clean my pillows next time. Thanks, Queerty!


R.M. Lupo said...

Congrats, Muffy. I think yours was better than Colbert's.

Adam Thornton said...

Not to toot my own horn...but I did too!

Colbert's was awkward and missed the mark. I like him a lot, but that particular segment was pretty bad.

Gary said...

I thought it was good. Now you're playin' in the big leagues!

If you build it, they will come... If you build it... ... ...

Scott said...

"She shovels her own snow..."

Hilarious. Well done, my friend.