Sunday, April 26, 2009

Set the Lady on Fire

Just when I'd thought the Murad folks had exhausted their list of "embarrassing moments," they present a new one.

Jeez, has anybody actually DONE this? And if they did, was it helpful to respond by standing there and smoking a cigarette? Why not throw the lighted cigarette at her as well?

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Gary said...

It's great to know that cigarettes have so many other uses besides fouling the air (and clothes), and promoting lung cancer, emphysema and ill health in general.

Murads can get you out of tight scrapes, as you posted here and previously.

Does MacGyver know about them? A well-deployed Murad could let him escape from a hopeless situation.

How about packing some Murads in Batman's utility belt? Felix the Cat's bag of tricks?

And, if you remember a '60's cartoon (sorry, anime) called "The Eighth Man," the robot's strength was replenished by inhaling power sources disguised as cigarettes.

Go Murad!

Note: For info on that anime series and "cigarettes," see: