Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Those of you with iPhoto know the way that it "scrubs" your picture thumbnails when you move your mouse over them. When I accidentally scrubbed the 106 pictures from the "Jewel Thief" photoshoot I thought...hey! That looks sort of fun! I'll make a movie!

So here you go: an entire photoshoot in twenty seconds.

The Making Of

This was surprisingly hard to create music for. Since "Koyaanisqatsi" taught us that all fast-moving imagery must be accompanied by Philip Glass-style music, I decided that a quick arpeggio was required, one note for every picture.

In addition, VanillaJ said to me a few weeks ago, "Have you ever noticed that all the arty/experimental videos are depressing?" So I wanted to make a HAPPY song.

The problem was the part near the end, when each picture lasts twice as long for a very brief period. That happened because there were two versions of each picture in that section: one with the hole in my fishnets, and the other with the hole Photoshopped by Jenn (look at my left thigh for the subtle evidence).

It was a happy accident but it made no musical sense; it threw the time signature right out the window. I had to learn how to use Logic Pro's signature editor to fudge it so that -- at the end of the double-picture portion -- we'd land at the beginning of another 4/4 bar.

I spent a week on that, simply so I could get the drum pattern to match up. Then I decided it sounded better if the drum pattern didn't return anyway.

Anyway, this was just a fun experiment and it turned out pretty nicely.


Gary said...

Good fun! Looks like an old-fashioned kinoscope, if I'm using the right term.

And, yes, the tinkly Glassesque music keeps good rhythm with the photos, and (for me, anyway) evokes that old-time sideshow midway feel.

Nice job!

Syd said...

It's a stop motion film, with you showing off your ostrich feathers. You certainly display them well!

BTW Muffy I joined a PoE News CD mix CD club and I have to make a mix CD and want to have an UPhold song on it, but don't know which.

I was making a depressing mix and has "Stroke Patient" but I changed my mind and decided to just make a happy catchy mix. UPhold tends to be deep and atmospheric.. what is a good mix song of yours?

I'm guessing "Voodoo Queen" or "Flirty Bouncegain".. they're catchy and bouncy and would not confuse a non-Muffanatic too much.. is that okay?

ps: Don't forget, the game "Audiosurf" lets you play your own songs, and "Flirty Bouncegain" is the best song you can ever play in it!

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks Gary!

Adam Thornton said...

I'm honoured, Syd! I wish I had more happy songs, but you're right..."Voodoo Queen" (which gets downloaded a lot from Russia, for some reason) and "Flirty Bouncegain!" are the two frolicky ones, and perhaps best suited to a non-gloomy mix tape.

"Roadbird" is another happy-ish one, but I don't think it's on the listening page anymore...let me know if you want it and I'll put it back online.

Hunter James said...

Way too much fun - much like the 'Dangermuffster' herself - Miss you much! Great to see a new chicken in the coop!

Adam Thornton said...

Thank ya Hunter, and I miss you too!