Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Official Spam Zone!

Over the years this blog has been spammed occasionally, but during the last month it's really picked up. Each morning I'm informed of new spam comments linking to viagra, computer software, and all the rest of the usual stuff.

Turning on word verification appears to have stumped the spambots, but I'm happy to announce that both "Clerk" (Learn dance online!) and "Rash" (Getcher mobile phone accessories!) have persevered, manually tailoring their messages to the blog subjects. I particularly like Rash's approach.

If it gets any worse I'll need to turn on comment moderation (or briefly disable comments until the flurry dies down), but in order to give ALL visitors a chance to enjoy my blog, I'm designating this particular post a SPAM-SAFE ZONE! I won't delete spam comments attached to this message! Go ahead and promote fly-fishing, Russian brides, and fraudulent insurance scams...maybe somebody will actually click on your links!

The policy for the rest of the blog remains unchanged, but please let THIS post be your happy playground!


Anonymous said...

saw your bollybob site and then of course the masterful (or mistressful?) treatise on thermos(es?). if you were a woman, would have fallen in love with you and stalked you (telepathically, of course. too lazy to do the real thing)...

keep it up! awesome! :)


GeoX, one of the GeoX boys. said...

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Gary said...

Sorry, too much fun to resist!

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Thank you.
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Adam Thornton said...

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