Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sung by Libby Holman

Awww, I just love these slang-filled, over-alliterative '30s record advertisements from Brunswick.
Happy Because I'm in Love -- What a kiss can do to this mean, moanin' mamma! Lurid Libby admits a loss of reason in this--the confession of a conquered coquette.

More Than You Know -- Here's Libby giving some gent a break and some thousands of Holmanites the thrill of a life-time--on Brunswick Record No. 4613.
They're talking about the infamous Libby Holman, who you can hear sing "Primitive Man" here. It's such a cool song.


Gary said...

Hubba Hubba - this dame's dynamite, but Trouble (with a capital "T") by the trainload!

She looks so tame on your site's pic, but Wikipedia's shows her as a bombshell.

Too bad she was such a death magnet to her husbands and son.

Betty Boop she ain't - but I hear "Minnie The Moocher" playing in my mind's film-noiresque background. Or maybe it's something from Brian Setzer's new, film-noirish "Songs From Lonely Avenue" (great album!).

If Libby Holman's story isn't film-noirish, I don't know what is (queue up lonely saxophone...)!

Adam Thornton said...

Straight from the fridge, dad! And time to check out "Songs from Lonely Avenue," I think...