Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bad Advice from General Electric


Gary said...

Quite bizarre. Reminds me of the artwork from the WPA project.

Why would you give an oil can to a baby???

Adam Thornton said...

Fridges at the time (mid-30s) were in an advertising race to prove how modern they were: no moving parts! Freezes faster! Totally silent!

In May, General Electric started this "look at the tools you no longer need when you buy our fridges" campaign, declaring that you'd never again need to oil a fridge (so you can give the oil can to your baby!)

Electrahome has responded in June with a "we don't need an ice pick anymore, so we framed it as an antique!" campaign. Unfortunately the compression artifacts in the advertisement were so bad that there was no point in posting it.

As for your question -- why would you give an oil can to a baby??? -- I can only conclude "Because you're a baaaaaad parent."