Saturday, May 29, 2010

In response to Dave's timely posting of 25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads in the comments, here's an advertisement from Maillard's chocolates.
He didn't mean to let that early morning grouch get the better of him...even if the coffee was cold. And now he's making amends by bringing her a box of Maillard's Chocolats Miniature.

Will this fix things? Will it bring to dinner the entente cordiale? You know it will!
Why does her picture remind me of that guy in "Seven" who'd been strapped to a bed for a year? Must be the raccoon makeup and the crazy-eye look.


Gary said...

Well...the "entente cordiale" promised seems a bit cold and pedestrian, compared to the rapprochement envisioned by the proffering of Maillard's chocolates.

To put it simply, just an apology (with a lesser brand of chocolate) would bring beer and cocktail franks.

The Maillard's would bring, I imagine, a real mixed cocktail, with fine hors d'ouevres on the sideboard (served, of course, on Caviarettes).

Maillard's - the official "make-up" chocolates of Nick & Nora Charles!

Dave Sailer said...

Well, I don't know who either of those creepy guys is, but a bag of Gummi Bears will get you only so far. Lots of amateurs turn to them because they simply don't know any better. And because these things are cheap. And brightly colored.

When it's time to bring in the heavy artillery though, it's "Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake", by Rebecca Coffey, and nothing less:

No woman would dare contemplate resistance.