Monday, August 01, 2011

Watch Your Husband!

It's really an advertisement for a cruise (eg. if you notice your husband getting stressed, take him on a cruise), but you'd be excused for seeing something more sinister.

(The New Yorker, November 15, 1930, when everybody was running off to warmer climes, the French and Germans were rumbling about war, and backgammon was the game of choice)


Gary said...

The man looks a bit like Clark Gable (later movies, such as "Run Silent, Run Deep" or "The Misfits." Or maybe Howard Hughes?

It looks like his dowdy, worried-looking missus should fix him a strong martini before booking the stateroom.

At least, on a cruise in that era, he won't be plagued by cell phones, BlackBerries, etc. Just the occasional ship-to-shore Marconigram from his stockbroker.

Adam Thornton said...

...a stockbroker saying "Ummm, Clark? Hold on to your martini...more bad news."