Thursday, July 03, 2008

Creepy Pedro Episode Seven

I started writing episode seven of "Creepy Pedro" in 2001. I finally finished it this week. If you'd like to read it, go here and click on the last episode. I warn you that it's long, rambling, unpleasant, and not necessarily work-safe, but I think a lot of it is really funny.

Like all of the Creepy Pedro plays I had started it with absolutely no plan whatsoever, but this time I wrote Pedro and his friends into such a conundrum that I couldn't figure out how to get them see, the second half was a parody of the sort of thinking that underlay the gleeful rush into the second Iraq war, and you know how impossible it is to deal with THAT sort of situation.

At least nobody died as a direct consequence of my writing this script.

The episode is called "The Creepy One From the Sky" and it was heavily inspired by the books I was reading at the time: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. I figured that Pedro hadn't been dropped into a fantasy setting yet, so it was about time. I was also just discovering George Saunders and I unconsciously ripped off his dialog style in a few places.

If you have the fortitude, enjoy! You don't have to read the previous episodes to understand what's going on. It will all be baffling anyway.


Eli McIlveen said...

I'm bewildered as ever, but I always giggle at your dialogue. And something about how it's presented, too.

Also, "How far is a league, anyway?"

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I've never gotten over the joys of people yelling at each other. And cleaning clocks.

And I really DON'T know how far a league is!

In those Thomas Covenant books people were ALWAYS TRAVELLING, and the author would try to spice up the interval and then just cut to the destination, as though giving up.

Kimber said...

Heyyyy, I remember Thomas Covenant! White gold wielder...hmmm...that brings back memories galore. I just stumbled upon this Creepy Pedro link - now I've gotta check it out.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

How strange that you'd mention this now...I've just started reading the second book in the third Thomas Covenant series!

Instead of being about a lot of people traveling around, this book is about a lot of people talking and crying.