Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mr. Worthington Ames Presses THE WRONG FOOT

It makes me happy that things like this could have happened, once.
When Mr. Ames tasted the Duchess Soup he put his foot in it. Here was that wonderful flavor he had told his wife about. He wanted to call her attention to it. However, one must observe the social amenities. But under the table all is different. So he aims a foot pressure wifewards, which translated into husbandese means, "This soup is flavored with that Guasti Cooking Sherry I was telling you about." The lady who looks at him askance is not Mrs. Ames and she thinks Mr. Ames a gay dog.
It also amuses me to think that, at some time, people probably guzzled this heavily-salted sherry when they were unable to contact their bootlegger.

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