Thursday, July 03, 2008

Scrutable Poetry Corner: "Dilemma"

In keeping with the recent "cat" theme, here's "Dilemma" from the December 22, 1928 New Yorker. I actually think it's kind of lovely.
Kittens, of course, are embarrassing...
Yet, in the full o' the moon,
Who would not wander, a sinuous wraith,
Out of the door--away--
Threading the area's fragrant shades
To a fence where gallants croon,
Tiger, maltese, and tortoise,
Many a lovelorn lay?

There, where the pails gleam silver,
What rapture to pose and yawn,
Queening it over the envious swains,
Preening, alluring, heart-harassing;
Fanning to fury a duel-din
Death to the drowsy dawn!
Helen of Troy, in fur...
--But kittens, alas, are embarrassing!
This is by Harold Willard Gleason, best known for...well, nothing much that I can figure out.

He wrote some books.


Kimber said...

I really like the "lovelorn lay" line.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Yeah, I wonder if that was an intentional double-entendre?

I personally like "Helen of Troy, in fur."