Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Daily Muffy: "PROTEST!"


"PROTEST!" -- season 6, episode 2 of The Daily Muffy -- begins on Monday, so be sure to check here every weekday for a new picture!

It's the story of my noble attempt to get off my tush and change the world, and also to keep my foundation from stippling in the intense sunlight. All pictures were taken by VanillaJ -- Queen of Composition -- who drove me to various protest hotspots and provided invaluable thematic advice. Thanks, VJ!

PS: I apologize for letting the previous Daily Muffy languish for a week...I think I wore myself out editing the "Hot Lips" video, and I wasn't quite up to the task of wading through the quirks of iPhoto '08.

Now that I've figured everything out I'm back in the Daily Muffy swing, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Great photo vanillaj! Muffy probably makes straight gals gay. :-) :-)

Adam Thornton said...

Vanilla knows her f-stops!