Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr. Seuss and Flit: "Harem Plus Cat"

Dr. Seuss fulfills every man's true fantasy: having a lot of harem girls fall on his neck...maybe simultaneously! That one woman looks like she's ALREADY falling, though maybe she's supposed to be dancing.

There are two more interesting things in this cartoon. First, notice that the Sultan is wearing a robe with a star-and-crescent symbol, presumably to evoke Islam but for some reason looking more like one of Merlin's cast-offs.

Second, who's that standing behind the Sultan? Why, it's the famous Cat In The Turban!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Dr. Seuss. Cats. In hats. But the turban - not very urban.

Was there eye of a lizard? - quite fit if the Sultan's a wizard!

Would you - could you - with a harem? (The keeper's a eunuch - so I couldn't dare 'em).

Oh, stop it! Seuss always brings out the silly rhymer in me! It's still surprising to me how commercial he was.

I know that he sold tons of kid's books, but the Flit ads are...well, at least they're cute.

If the ads helped develop his whimsy, then why not! More power to him, and all that rot!

Adam Thornton said...

Yeah, I bet he fine-tuned his skills on those Flit ads, so they were food for something! And they're leagues more creative than most bug-spray advertisements (actually...errr...they're the ONLY bug spray advertisements that I've seen, but still).

It's hard not to love that Seuss.