Sunday, August 17, 2008

"The Ruins" Exclusive Reenactment (And Other Photos Too!)

Due to this year's constant rain, the foliage in front of my apartment has grown so huge as to completely cover my living room window. In the process my view has changed; I don't see cars or people anymore, instead I see insects eating each other.

Inspired by this monstrous plant I decided to stage a reenactment of "The Ruins," as performed by The Little Lemuria Players (that's me and my cat). Here it is on Flickr.

In addition, I put up some miscellaneous pictures from the last few months. I haven't been in much of a picture-taking mood but I have a feeling that's going to change...

PS: See that spot on my leg? It's the scar from that car that hit me in July. Just an example of the reconfiguration of human biology by technology...


Lois said...

Dear Muffy.
Hmmmmmm....I am not sure how to say this without hurting your feelings but here goes.....
First thought, I must say, I love the shoes! It must be nice to have the legs to be able to wear them and actually pull it off! Yo look VERY, VERY GOOD in them.
Um, the second thing I wanted to mention was, um....don't give up your day job.
PS ZsaZsa did her part very well!
Have a great week!

Adam Thornton said...

Darn it, Lois, both Zsa Zsa and I already DID quit our jobs to devote ourselves to art!

Are you saying we have no future now?

At least I can hock my shoes and my legs...

Kimber said...

There were just too many comments that bubbled to my lips whilst watching the Ruins re-make I will just say, well done Muffy. Well done.

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks Kim!

And did I mention that you have better taste than ANYONE? :)

Anonymous said...

The "re-enactment" was funny and campy, but given the movie's locale, shouldn't you have worn something more, uh, Maya?

You do have something more Maya, I hope! But Maya or not, your wardrobe was a real "killer."

BTW, according to Wikipedia, the proper adjective for non-linguistic terms is "Maya" - not "Mayan." I guess I do learn something new every day.

As Robin the Boy Wonder might say, "Holy 'Little Shop Of Horrors' goes Central American, Batman!"

Adam Thornton said...

To explain my outfit, here's how the idea came about from start to finish.

1. I'm too early for the "Hank and Lily" show. Maybe I'll spend some time taking pictures.

2. Where should I take them? I always take them in front of the same things.

3. I know, in front of my window where that enormous plant is!

4. Hey...THE RUINS!

The next idea is taking a little longer to develop: "Cloverfield." Shiver!

Kimber said...

Personally, I'd rather see your version of Torchwood.

Adam Thornton said...

"Torchwood...outside Vincenzo's, beyond the Short Stop."

Zsa Zsa could pretty easily impersonate a Welsh cat, I think!