Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hank and Lily at The Starlight

After two weeks of crappiness -- heretofore known as "The Terrible Fortnight of Terrible Half-Living" -- what better way to celebrate my return to health than to see Hank and Lily at The Starlight...yes, just a few blocks from my house!

I first stumbled across Hank and Lily's music in an otherwise not-so-great compilation called "The Aaargh! Annual Year Two." I ordered their debut double CD and was blown away by the enthusiasm and eclectic WHOOMF that is a Hank and Lily concept. I love that they're doing their own thing, they're doing it well, and they seem to absolutely ADORE what they do. How could I not be captivated?

On Saturday night I lost my live "Hank and Lily Show" virginity. The crowd was sparse -- it was an early show with little publicity, after all -- but they immediately put us at ease by moving our tables and chairs to the's frustrating to feel like you're SUPPOSED to dance in order to encourage a performance, whereas H&L seemed to understand that simply WATCHING is fun enough!

I recorded four of their songs, which you can see on YouTube here. My favourite by far was "Alligator Boy," which brought out all the energy of the spunky duo:

After the show they were marvelously available at the swag table. I have difficulty being coherent around performers I adore, but even after I asked them when they were coming back to Waterloo -- a silly, premature question considering they were JUST LEAVING -- they still consented to pose with me:

Stuck Between Brilliance!

Unfortunately the show ended FAR too quickly since the club needed to accommodate its regular "Global Warming" DJs, but sometimes the shortest things are the sweetest, and we at least have copies of their new CD ("North America") to keep us going. Plus I also got one-of-a-kind rendering called "Hank Punches a Werewolf," in which a relatively sad-looking monster is -- indeed -- being punched by Hank. Bliss!

PS: Jenny Whiteley shared the stage for most of the set. It was difficult to get a feel for the sort of thing she does, but workmate Reg says she's fab.


lily said...

Thanks Muffy we thought you were a sweetie pants !
My friend found your blog and passed it to me... so I guess it is fair to say that you seem to get around.... in cyber space.


Muffy St. Bernard said...

Thanks, Lily! I hope your trip back was stress-free (and maybe even fun).

What the world needs, of a LILYBLOG.

Kimber said...

Can I display my massive ignorance and ask what was on Hank's face? It reminded me of Hannibal Lecter but I'm sure it served a purpose. Help me understand!

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Well Kimber, I'm not sure I can answer with authority.

It appears to be a gas mask or respirator thing, along with a pair of goggles.

As for what purpose it served, that would be opening a Pandora's Box of questions. You did notice that Lily's wearing antlers, right? :)

Kimber said...

Yes, but Lily looks cute - whereas Hank looks like he wants to eat someone, but can't.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I missed the first run of the Hank and Lily comic book so perhaps there was a "Hank origin" that I'm unaware of. I've just re-listened to the first CD of their "Road to New Orleans" and there doesn't seem to be an explanation (though maybe I missed a lyric or two).

Fortunately Mr. Pine does not come across as a cannibal in public, but I like to think that if he WANTED to, he could sort of SUCK a person up.