Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Adventures of M'Lady Muffie Bernardington

A new episode of The Daily Muffy has just started over at Flickr!

Muffie Title

'Tis season six, episode four! Known in full as:

"The Diverse and Most Singular ADVENTURES of M'Lady MUFFIE BERNARDINGTON, Displayed for Future Edification, Her Life Betwixt and Oftimes Bestraddle the Vast Borders of STRATFORD ON AVON, Year 1666."

Photographic Majesty by Jenn Wilson, Duchess of Mystifying Lenses. Muffie's resplendent raiment designed by master craftswoman Lydia Bellini, seamstress to worthie queenes.

Lest ye forget: A new picture every weekday!

As usual y'all get the full scoop. We took these pictures on a chilly Saturday, October 18th, in Stratford Ontario. It wasn't so bad in the sunlight but it was eleven degrees in the shade. And though the wind was perfect for my medieval-type skirt it was very, very cold.

Reading the Samuel Pepys diaries had inspired me, and coupled with the fact that my "Ilsa On Ice" Oktoberfest outfit could double for something from a Renaissance Faire, this "Stratford 1666" theme was a shoe-in. I even dressed Schnapps as a 17th century dandy but you won't be seeing him...he didn't REALLY fit in and I didn't feel like lugging him around.

We took some of the pictures at a crazy, burned-out warehouse that Jenn and I have long been fascinated with. You can walk right up to this catastrophe-waiting-to-happen. We were unable to resist its charms and it was considerate enough not to fall over on us.

All-in-all the Stratford crowd was pleasant -- somebody shouted "HERE COMES THE BRIDE!" when we were hanging around a church -- and we were unmolested by the somewhat skiddy inhabitants around the edges of the downtown. Through sheer shivery perseverance we managed to get scads of good pictures, and I'm quite proud of the fake-o storyline I've written so far.

Check in often!


Anonymous said...

Except for the phone lines and street lights, it could be any of M'lady's highways and byways in Stratford Upon Avon.

And, as I'm sure they said in the Bard's day, "Nice legs!"

Oh, what one does for their Art!

Kimber said...

So glad you ventured forth unto Stratford!

Lois said...

I am so jealous!
You have georgeous legs.
I would kill to have legs like yours.
Nice dress too.

Adam Thornton said...

"Hotcha! Nice gams, Ophelia!"

Stratford was, as always, interesting...but pretty much just one street and a park.

Adam Thornton said...

Lois, no killing please!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were in town and didn't drop us a line! We'd have made crumpets and mead or something to honor the occasion.

That Cooper building is something, huh?

Syd said...

M'Lady Muffie is my favorite Daily Muffy so far. You should do more writing, you have wit!