Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Return of the "Pee Scream"

There's something very sad about watching your cat meow, squat, scream, and then stare at you like you should be able to pee FOR her. But this is the second time we've gone through this and I have to admit that I'm a bit more relaxed: there's nothing I can do for Zsa Zsa -- known currently as "Catwise Gamgee" -- until we get her to the vet this morning, and then she'll probably be fine after another bunch of antibiotics.

Apparently, when cats get bladder infections they think their bladders are constantly full, so they wander around trying to pee all the time. When Zsa Zsa does this she never actually MANAGES to pee -- she just squats and flicks her tail around like she's really angry -- and that's fortunate, because she's usually squatting over something like a pair of shoes or a feather headdress.

But when she actually DOES manage to pee it's usually just outside her litterbox, which brings us back to the old "scrub the basement floor" routine. I'd almost forgotten the joy of coming home to the smell of cat urine!

PS: The old receptionist at the vet office pronounced her name "Say-Say." The new receptionist pronounces it "Yah-Yah." Baffling!


Jenn said...

oh, poor Zsa Zsa!

Adam Thornton said...

The vet had a sort of worried expression on her face; Zsa Zsa's lost more weight and is a bit dehydrated.

They gave her one of those water injections, and we're back to the daily pilling...hopefully she pulls out of this one.

Anonymous said...

Any clue why Zsa Zsa seems to be prone to this affliction? Would a monthly (or so) proactive dose of antibiotic be helpful?

There. I have reached the limit of my knowledge regarding cat bladder problems.

It's good (kinda sorta) that you have had experience with Tsa Tsa's problem and you can be less stressed.

Hope Sha Sha is feeling 100% better very soon.

(Any resemblance of my misstating Cha Cha's name, to the scene in Lolita where the schoolmistress constantly does the same thing, is purely intentional!)

But seriously, best wishes to the poor kitty!

Kimber said...

Poor puss! I have faith in her kitty endurance though. I'm sure she will pull through yet again and your basement cleaning nightmares will end soon.

Adrian said...

Mr. Poog had this issue several times (straining to pee, peeing everywhere, peeing blood, yay..) and he has really turned around since I have had him on a special prescription food that is designed to deal with urinary issues that impact male cats.

The food is 'Urinary SO' and a new one now which I don't remember the name of, but if you need it drop me a line.

Good luck with Zsa Zsa!