Monday, July 19, 2010

Works Automatically...Won't Burn Toast!

You might remember the spectacular introduction of the Toastmaster back in February of 1929. But holy shit, have you seen the new and improved Toastmaster? These two ladies in fur coats are looking at it right now!

Stop it, ladies! NO WATCHING! Don't watch it! Do something else for a while!
Of the hundreds of thousands who saw the remarkable first model which revolutionized toastmaking in America, not one would have believed it could ever have been improved upon.

Yet--that has been done!

It is even more simple, more amazing, more beautiful!
How has the Toastmaster improved in the last two years? They replaced one of the levers with a "small, new-type indicator," and it comes with "cool-type carrying handles" so you won't burn your pretty-type hands, and it also can't overheat and start your fur coat on fire at the flaming breakfast table! It won't burn your tabletop! It now does two slices at once! It's wonderful!

Ladies and Gentlemen, these ladies and I honestly don't think this toaster can get any better.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Well, it is a pretty-type design, and has some improvements.

But, what about a toaster for those whose carb cravings demand a toasted bagel? When did the first wider-slot models appear for them?

I certainly hope the Toastmaster inventors would not hide behind the old TV commercial for cream cheese ("Bagel? What's a bagel?"). Perhaps bagels, and thicker breads, weren't in vogue back then in the Art Deco/everything thin is in Roaring 20's?

Even so, this was the era of new and fantastic kitchen gadgetry - like the fireproof GE refrigerator you posted a few days ago!