Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Breeze to Wind to Gale

Now, in the middle of winter, I am sick of wind.

What GOOD has wind ever done? Windpower is not particularly viable, so it hasn't earned its keep in that way, not like water (against which I have nothing). I'm sure it helps scatter pollen and seeds...but isn't that what insects and birds are for? Besides, I'm sure both birds AND insects would be happier without wind. There are a LOT of insects so their opinions do matter.

I've been wracking my brains and all I can think of is: wind blew Columbus to the New World in 1492, but that was very much a bitter-sweet thing.

Has wind been an inspiration to anybody? I've never read "Wind in the Willows," and I've never liked Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind." Woodwind instruments don't actually rely on wind at all, and usually when you see the word "wind" it's actually referring to its homonym ("to wind something up") so if anything it CONFUSES language and art.

I'm tired of wind. Can we stop it?


Kimber said...

I share your hatred of wind. Sadly. I've moved to one of the windiest places in Ontario - Kincardine. I've been whinging about the wind in my blog a little bit too if you're interested...

Adam Thornton said...

Hey, I can read your blog now! It was private before. Yay!

I'm tired of having bitterly cold air forced into every fold of clothing and between every crack in my apartment.