Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Strangeness of Cats

I've long been confused by my cat's refusal to sit where I want her to. My mother bought her a luxurious blanket to lie on, but she'll walk right past it in favour of a ratty green towel awaiting sorting.

I used to think she was just being stubborn, but then I noticed that she liked to lie down on my clothing. I discovered that if I put one of my old T-shirts on that luxurious blanket...she'd lie on it!

Maybe this means that my cat is so offended by my odour that she is trying to eradicate it with her own. I wear only unscented deodorant, since I get headaches and an urge to flee when I'm around people who wear obtrusive perfumes, so as a result my clothes might smell too much like me (you know, human).

Or...maybe she loves me? Maybe she likes to sit in places where she can be reminded of me? That's an awful sweet thought, and knowing my cat it's probably true.

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