Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sewing Day

In order to motivate myself to sew -- as opposed to just using safety pins to hold my clothes together -- I rent a really stupid movie, sit down on the floor, and do all my backlogged sewing duties at one time.

Starting is difficult. I don't like sitting down and evaluating each project, trying to find the best way to fix something. It doesn't help that all my sewing experience comes from grade eight home economics, where I made a stuffed beaver and learned how to fry won tons.

Usually I end up taking the "brute force" approach. I start out nicely, genuinely enjoying the relaxing and repetitive action of sewing. But near the end of each project I start to get impatient, and I almost ALWAYS have an insulin reaction at some point; all that hand-work must burn a lot of energy.

So anyway, near the end I tend to have little loops of thread sticking out...but that's okay, because most of this stuff is only worn in dark little bars anyway. My winter mittens are now nice and warm, my "Pride" outfit no longer has a slit that goes to the middle of my back, and my "Lexx" wrist-gloves -- after much evaluation -- have been fitted with the perfect finger-loops: those small black plastic hair elastics that hairdressers use.

Today's "background to sewing" rental was "Boo." I can mend clothes better than these people can make movies.

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