Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm babysitting the cats at Chez Vanilla. That's Julius and Iain on the right. Normally Julius is the antisocial, somewhat alienated one, but today he pressed himself against my chest, rested his nose under my chin, and purred and purred and wouldn't let me go.

Julius has a weird purr. It's high-pitched and articulated and makes him sound like a cheap BBC robot monster.

Anyway, I keep trying to get the cats to play with their toys, and I've discovered that the best "cat play music" is Kraftwork, especially "Musique Non Stop." It moves at exactly the right speed and provides two or three different beats, depending on the adrenaline level of the animal. Use the downbeat snare for the "cat toy jump" part of the game, and the doubled, higher-pitch snare makes for some nice "brush the toy along the ground" moments. They say that cats originated in Africa but I think a lot of them are actually German.

In case you don't have the album handy I've included the video. This is also useful if you want to give your child nightmares.


Eli said...

Good grief, that is creepy. I'd seen stills from that video before, but never seen it in motion.

Speaking of eerie videos, animals and techno, have you seen Birds? (Note: does not contain birds.)

My "celebrity lookalike": Karl Bartos.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Jeez! I think the message of the "Birds" video is that dogs were never meant to fly. Very cool, though!

VanillaJ said...

What's important is that my cats are very cute. And one is obviously a very talent vocalist. Word.

Also, I have to tell you: my nephew was TRANSFIXED by this video. He is too young to tell me if it gave him nightmares, but he stared intently at the screen for nearly the whole thing. This is important information considering that the "Kitty Cat Dance" is his favourite YouTube video, to date.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

You realize that now your nephew will want to become a dancer on "Sprockets?" Not to mention the nightmares...

I can see it being an attractive song for small children,'s very geometric and face-focussed, and the visuals never get "mushy," they're very precise and clean. Not to mention there's no storyline or lyrics to confuse the issue.

I still say it's scary. Especially halfway through, when one of the faces turns partway away, then looks down distainfully at you and says "non-stop" in that creepy grating voice.