Thursday, July 05, 2007

Spanish Children's Songs

It's definitely worth going over to The Mind Wobbles and checking out her personal translation of Spanish children's songs. These sorts of songs tend to be ridiculous, but since we grew up with our own batch of them we view them with gentle sentimentality (or hatred). So reading the children's songs from another culture is a bit of a shake OUR beloved childhood songs sound as silly as:
I have a milk cow
It isn’t just a regular cow.
She gives me condensed milk
Oh what a sassy cow!
Tolon, tolon.
Tolon, tolon.
Probably yes.

While I remember so many songs that we had to sing in "music class," I don't remember actually singing them. I was too shy, so I perfected the art of opening my mouth and PRETENDING to sing "Oh Canada," without actually making a sound.

Lip syncing even then.

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