Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Silk Test a la Japonais; or, Paternal Love Will Out!

Since we were just giving credit to Lady Pepperell for her amusing (if sometimes overreaching) advertisements, how about we give equal credit to Truhu Silks?

A relatively recent advertiser (as of late 1927), the Truhu Silk ads always begin with some time-consuming (and often destructive) method for finding out if a shirt is made of real silk. Then they tell you it's easier just to look for "Truhu" on the label. Whew!

Here's the cutest one, from December 24, 1927:
It's very important to know that silk shirts are all silk. Otherwise you are likely to get only half of what you have a right to expect. If you wish, the silk may be tested by the Japanese method.

Procure a dozen silk worms at any pet shop and carry them to your haberdasher. Distribute the shirts about and place the worms close by. The little fellows will crawl to the pure silk shirts and will ignore the others.

But if you prefer the simpler American method, just look for the Truhu label. Its presence means that the shirt is 100% pure and 100% fast fine a product as can be bought.
So put down those silk worms! Though finding a Truhu label today might be difficult. As an aside, the word "haberdasher" always gives me a warm glow.


VanillaJ said...

Crimony! Thank gawd they don't sell crab lice shampoo.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I hear that the Crab Lice Test is one way of finding authentic seafood.

Eric Little said...

You guys are tough acts to follow.

In the otherwise preternaturally beautiful film "Days of Heaven," the credits thank "Foxx, Redd" for one line in the script:

Richard Gere: I saved your life today.

Linda Manz: How?

RG: I killed a shit-eating dog.