Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After the Sound, the Colour

I've enjoyed watching the invent of sound wash over the New Yorker film reviewer, leading him through the typical stages of denial and anger and now into acceptance (at least, he no longer talks about it).

But the poor guy...he's barely recovered before December 1928 brings him...COLOUR!
The great scientific advance in the art of the cinema, starting this week's new era, is the Technicolor film (all in color) at the Embassy--"The Viking."
Having learned his lesson about sound, does the reviewer embrace colour as the next major development in film? Or does he belittle it?
As a matter of fact this picture is rather pretty, though certainly not art. The sea is too green and the sky too blue for sensitive people, but if you like your colors bright and gay you won't mind that.
So don't's just a gimmick and not "art," and you should probably wear sunglasses in the theatre.

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