Sunday, June 29, 2008

Point-Form Hostessing

Let's make sure the music isn't too loud.

Do you all have drinks?

Thank goodness I bought more beer and vodka today, as though I knew this unexpected drop-in would happen. Do you want a beer or some vodka? I hope you like Dr. Pepper with your vodka.

Hmmm, I have gauged the ages and musical tastes of all my guests and I've decided on two types of music: The Beatles and Kate Bush. How wonderful to see a roomful of people swoon to George Harrison singing "Something!"

Get downstairs, you two. Don't you be neglecting everybody else.

Holy cow, where did the cat go? SHE'S BEEN LOCKED OUTSIDE FOR AN HOUR?

Now it's time for everybody to go home. I'm very sorry I didn't have chips or munchies or anything.

Yes, you really need to get into the taxi now. Love you.

The sun is coming up and the birds are chirping. I can't believe I've stayed up so late.

We are all allowed to be disruptive once in a while.


Scott said...

"Something" is, I think, my favourite Beatles song.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I 100% agree. Sort of ironic, considering it wasn't a Lennon/McCartney song.

scott said...

I guess we have something in common, then.

Ugh...I can't believe I just typed that.

Why don't I just put air quotes and one of those smiley thingies around it?