Friday, June 20, 2008

Huge Weekend Fun!

I simply HAVE to shake off the "cold weather blues." Fortunately, the world is conspiring to get me out of the house so I can exercise my frigid blood. Lots going on this weekend!

* Friday night: I'll be performing at (and helping to judge) the drag show that's being held at OK2BME's high school "Pride Prom." This is just fabulous. MY high school prom options were "wear a suit and dance with people I didn't like" or "watch 'Freaks' with friends in a basement." And while "Freaks" was lots of fun, a Pride Prom would have been better!

* Saturday: The Multicultural Festival! Okay, it ain't what it used to be, and it'll probably rain, but the food will be good.

* Sunday: The Tri-City Roller Girls get suited up and elbow each other in the face! As an added bonus this is being held in New Hamburg -- my hometown -- so I get to watch scrapping women where I once watched Mennonites looking sad. That IS progress.

Here's hoping your dance card is filled and your weekend is a pretty one!


jj said...

Have fun! But I AM flabergasted at the high school pride prom. what with peer, parent and self-loathing pressure and all, a population of 204,668 can actually have that many kids coming out that early?

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I'm not sure how many people go to these proms -- I'll find out tonight! -- but I can see there being enough people due to two factors:

1) It's open to all adolescents in the area, not just Kitchener/Waterloo. There are lots of satellite towns and I'm sure they'll be shipping students in.

2) I'm sure that a lot of people who aren't actually "out" themselves will go to support their peers. It's a cause that's become increasingly cool, and no doubt a lot of alternative students will assume that the pride prom is better than the "conventional" prom.