Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Cab Driver Who Will Not Take Shite

Whenever I deal with cab drivers, I am always tempted to ask them: "How do you deal with so many crappy people?" They always respond in a good-natured way: "Awww, people are generally good, really."

Since this response is so far removed from what *I* see every weekend, I'm always baffled by such diplomacy.

So tonight it was refreshing to get picked up by a cab driver who spat venom about the bad people in the world, then made a U-turn and buzzed the middle-road guys and yelled "NO WONDER YOU NEVER GET A CAB!" Seriously, there really ARE men -- generally men -- who stand in the middle of the road and throw themselves in front of taxi cabs, and I see these guys and I wonder how the world can possibly accommodate such people.

Tonight's cab driver skimmed those guys and screamed at them, then drove around the block and came back to scream again...and it was wonderful! It was a festival of revenge! It was one cab driver's taunting, vicious time to shine, with me in the passenger seat simultaneously supporting him (and brandishing "the finger") and thinking "wow, we're going to be killed."

So it was sort of refreshing to meet the non-diplomatic cabbie who has simply had enough; the cabbie going postal. But somehow I'm happy to have survived and gotten home as well, you know.

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