Friday, December 14, 2007

Open Drag Night in December

Ahhh, another wonderful open drag night at Club Renaissance. Fellow queens Drew, Ivana, Noir, and Katrina are so fun to be around, and I even got to see Ivana's method of changing her shoe colour (black magic coming soon).

With a brand new dress and an equally new "flamingo pony" dance routine, I was jonesing to perform one of my most favourite songs for the first time: "Love and Truth" by Mother Mother. Beth was sweet enough to hold my alien camera, and this is how it all turned out.

Club Ren's new stage is a real beaut, though I find myself confounded by its three-sided seating. Stages confuse me at the best of times but it's worse if I don't know who I should be looking at. I feel like those nervous TV show guests who are always turned toward the wrong camera.

In any case I may be joining the "All That Glitters" night as a once-a-month "featured entertainer," which I'm happy to do as long as I don't feel too obligated or trapped. Drag shows are fun (and often gratifying), but they are ALSO a lot of (mostly-free) work. I'd hate for a hobby to become a chore.

Here's to another fun night in a long line of fun nights, and here's to telling the world about the joy that is Mother Mother!

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