Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mini-Drag Show: "I'd Love To"

Here's the next "mini-drag show," recorded over several weeks in varying degrees of inebriation. It suffers uncountable continuity errors...but I tell myself that's part of its "charm!"

The song is Lee Aaron's "I'd Love To," off of her FABULOUS jazz-inspired album "Slick Chick." The guest artiste is Zsa Zsa, not to be kept away from feathers or cat food under any circumstances.



Jenn said...

That was some Lee Aaron I'd never heard before. Didn't sound like her at all, but I liked it.

Adam Thornton said...

In the '90s she reinvented herself and got heavily into jazz, performing with members of "Sons of Freedom" as her backing band.

The "Slick Chick" album is full of her (teriffic) jazz interpretations; her follow-up ("Beautiful Things") is more contemporary adult pop, with very little material for a drag performer to snatch.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some pretty nifty editing/choreography there. You have a way with visuals too! Let me see, Words, visuals, aural(music). I just hope you don't plan on conquering the olfactory and taste buds too. :-)

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks SO MUCH, JJ! Since it's a new thing (and I'm still learning) it's nice to hear it's coming along. Working alone on these, I can only pat MYSELF on the back.

I won't be able to TRULY conquer the visual field until I have a better editing program than iMovie...but when YouTube releases "smell-support," I'll hopefully be there!