Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Wow-Wind

The 50-kph gusts we've been getting this afternoon are seriously shaking this rickety old building, and the attic squirrels are in a tizzy of jumping and skittering. If we reach the predicted 80-kph gusts this, I can't even imagine that wind-speed.

The really amazing thing, however, is that fate usually has me outdoors in this sort of weather, wearing a fancy feather head-dress. I'm counting my blessings, wrapping in a blanket, and doing some serious cat-cuddling tonight.


Jenn said...

I hate this wind. We have three huge old maples on our property, and when it gets windy like this, it tosses all manner of sticks and twigs and squirrels on my roof.

I'll be heading to the couch with the laptop and the kitties as soon as I get done all this baking.

Adam Thornton said...

I hope you had a cozy night! There's nothing like sitting, safe and warm, while watching the world go crazy outside.