Saturday, December 08, 2007

The League of the Shameless (pink-ish) Lions!

Hilda has graciously awarded me the "Shameless Lions Writing Circle" award for Powerful Words, and I'm thrilled to receive it. I love reading her blog and it's always been an inspiration, for the reasons given below.

See, as part of this award we're supposed to list three things that are necessary for good, powerful writing. I wish I knew more about that than I do -- I'm still in the process of re-learning all those things about writing that I've somehow shied away from during the past fifteen years, and this blog is part of that -- but I can at least say what attracts ME to a writer's fiction.
  1. Always the same, but different. A distinct voice through all works that occasionally delves into different styles and themes. When I read a new story or book by an author, I want to know instantly who wrote it, but I don't want to instantly know what happens next. This cheap shot's for YOU, John Barth.
  2. Self-awareness. I like to see the author in the works. Whether they do this out of insecurity or out of vanity I don't care. I don't need a literal author-surrogate jumping into the text, but when I see an "I" in a sea of "he's and she's and they's," I fall in love. Though there's a lot to be said for straight-forward unselfconsciousness too.
  3. Gusto. An obvious joy at what they do. I'll even excuse some shoddiness if I believe the author NEEDS to write what he or she is writing. I've gotten so sick of cookie-cutter potboilers that I particularly enjoy an author who doesn't CARE if the pot boils (or who, most likely, provides enough heat for boiling simply by writing what they write).
Another part of this award is to pass it on to five other bloggers. I've made it a life mission not to chase awards OR hand them out so I'm afraid this one stays in my sticky fingers. I'd most like to give one to Hilda but she already has it!

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