Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Chewing Gum" - Addictive, Maddening

Ever since I first heard it at Delirium last month, I haven't been able to get Annie's "Chewing Gum" out of my head. I go to sleep humming it and I wake up humming it.

I figured the only cure was to find the CD ("Anniemal"), which turned out to be surprisingly difficult. But now that I've got it I can begin exorcising this demon, and I'll start by embedding the video:

By the way, those Delirium gals deserve credit for being way ahead of the culture curve. Annie might be old hat by now, but they were playing April March's "Chick Habit" years ago.


VanillaJ said...

Hey, those lyrics are pretty cold. Does this fall into some female "playa" genre? When the flavour is gone...

Adam Thornton said...

You know, it never ocurred to me before that the lyrics were so cold, but you're right. I viewed it as a silly, playful song. Definitely female playa.

Oh well, it makes her happy and it keeps her teeth clean.