Sunday, April 22, 2007

That Obscure Object of Desire

It seems strange (and kind of sad) to me that nobody can REALLY be that Obscure Object of Desire. Being the OOoD requires total isolation -- since no human being can POSSIBLY live up to OOoD-hood 24-hours a day -- which just means "teasing" in the every day vernacular. All of the typical idols are only idols because we don't know what they smelled like the morning after.

Men get a break here because they're SUPPOSED to smell bad ("manly"), and to be odd or flawed or whatever. But women? An unreachable ideal. Perfect only as long as the situation can be carefully controlled. Movie stars have that luxury (except in the National Enquirer), but actual real human beings?

My goodness, no wonder everybody's so messed up!


Eric Little said...

OK--my turn:


I mean, errr, WHAT?

Adam Thornton said...

Ahh, I guess my point is that "beauty is only skin deep." But when you're in drag, beauty is only FOUNDATION deep, it doesn't even REACH your skin.

Which would be fine if beauty weren't so gosh-darn important.