Sunday, April 22, 2007


Google! Horsepucky! Good Night! Krasny! And all the other fake cuss-words that I can't think of right at the moment.

After last week's totally depressing tour-de-trash at Club Abstract, I decided to wear the most obnoxious outfit I could think of, in order to drive the Bad Flotsam crazy tonight; an outfit that would both turn them on and repell them in equal measure. I spent a week searching for the proper accessories. I ate very little food in order to fit into it. I practiced getting in and out of it as fast as possible, in order to forsee potential problems during the night.

I wore The Guitar Wolf, the most "crotchy" outfit I own.

And what happened?

Nobody came. The jerks didn't show up. It was totally dead. And there I was, in my weird crotchy outfit, acting like a prima donna for nobody in particular.

Regardless I don't regret a second.


Eric Little said...

Glad to hear it--

because that pic's a keeper.

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks! That's my "everything is so flowery" pose.

Eric Little said...

I was going to ask which flowers, and then give a list from the Ophelia/Gertrude scenes (I just showed these with Julia Stiles, and then Julie Christie) but I've learned my lesson.

Oh, what the heck--"long purples"?

Adam Thornton said...

Yes, that could have been excessive.

VanillaJ said...

My boyfriend frequently gives me "long purples" - and coincidently, I pose similarly in those moments.

Eric Little said...

Gee...not that arcane after all.

Adam Thornton said...

As you know, Vanilla, your boyfriend often conducts meetings that I'm a part of. This information will make the next meeting more interesting. I'll suggest that he and I get together to discuss documentation changes, "that is, if you can find time between giving your girlfriend the Long Purples."

If you go into this pose frequently, it's good you have such a high ceiling.

Eric Little said...
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