Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Know What I'm Here For

I don't think that the band "James" was ever taken very seriously in North America...they splashed with "Laid" and that was it. Their passion and diversity never caught on here, but I guess it didn't help that their last two albums were never released across the Atlantic.

My favourite James song is -- by far -- "I Know What I'm Here For." Sadly I haven't gotten my hands on the album it's from, and the live version is excised from their concert DVD, but it DOES appear on their live 2CD set. The live version is gorgeous and sweet. I've never heard the original...until now, thanks to YouTube. It's got a fun "dirty disco" sort of vibe -- very different from the "rock out" sound of the live version -- and while the video suffers CG overkill, the costume designer deserves several awards, and can I please get my hands on that showgirl outfit?

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