Friday, April 20, 2007

Update on Mount Hussey

I said last week that I'd keep "you" posted about Mount Hussey, and I'd tell you as soon as it melted (because as you know Spring arrives as soon as Hussey melts completely).

I took this picture on Tuesday. As you can see, Mount Hussey was entirely melted, leaving behind only a clump of topsoil known as "Dirty Little Hussey." This means that, as of Tuesday, you are allowed to put away your winter wardrobe, lighten your haircolour, and do whatever gardiners do when it's Springtime.

As an aside, people in some countries don't think it's necessary to capitalize the seasons. In the case of Spring I feel that a single capital letter doesn't even do it justice, so from now on I'll be spelling it SPRing.

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