Sunday, April 15, 2007

My New Digs: Closet B

I've already taken pictures of myself in the interesting parts of My New Digs, with the exclusion of those difficult places (like the attic) and the places I don't want you to see. But when I remember to clean the toothpaste out of the bathroom sink I'll show it to you, because it was built for a very thin person with tiny hands (or fetal alcohol syndrome), and it's just unbelievably small.

So last night I picked a random spot that still qualified. Here I present Closet B, the southerly closet (closer to the equator and therefore warmer).

The problem is that my camera only has a ten second timer on it, so I have to set it up close enough for me to be able to fold myself inside and crouch down far enough to get in the frame. As a result, this is really a picture of me crumpled up amongst my clothes, with very little of the closet visible anyway. You'll just have to trust me. Besides, why else would I get into this position?


Anonymous said...

Is "Closet B" like "Plan B"?

If the contents fo Closet A don't work, do you turn to Closet B as a last resort? (or is there a Closet C too?)

Anonymous said...

Closets A and B are both on equal footing and have yet to be really sorted. If I can't think of what to wear, I sum the three digits in the duration of whatever song I'm listening to ad the time, find the last thing I wore, then count forward by the sum value. This also forces me to wear older things that I neglect!

And there IS in fact a closet C, but right now it contains sweaters, bedding, and things I have no place for yet. So as interesting as it would be to go out dancing wearing only a pillow, I would feel foolish.