Monday, February 11, 2008

Cosmetics for the Inept

My life with CoverFX foundation began over a year ago, but I'm still learning how to deal with it; essentially, how to put it on, make sure it stays, and fix it when it goes wrong.

The issue with CoverFX over panstick-and-powder (my old technique) is that it's so delicately natural. Rather than a thick, greasy goop, it is...well, a thin greasy goop. Though the greasiness is mostly disguised with their setting powder.

I have spent a year feeling borderline-ugly, and it is only now that I've managed to solve a few problems that have been plaguing me.
  1. My nose has been an absolute train-wreck. I realize that this is because it is a phenomenally oily portion of my face. I can't stop my nose from "greasing up" during the night, but I CAN keep it dry long enough to put foundation and powder on, which is three-quarters of the battle. I have to wash my face several times in the hour preceding application, then -- with makeup sponge ready -- I manically scrub my nose with a dry washcloth. When only a tiny spot of oiliness remains, I dab some powder on with a brush, then immediately apply the cream foundation, and then powder again. If a bird lands on me during the night it will still leave marks with its feet, but at least my nasal shell won't go sliding off on its own volition (perhaps in search of a drink).
  2. With the above technique I can also cover up my large pores without everything becoming a mess. I tried Base Watier pore minimizer -- and initially swore by it -- but it simply adds oiliness to an area that I can't afford to be oily. Instead, once my nose is dry and powdered, I smear the cream foundation around and it covers the pores up. Voila.
  3. I'm no longer a spring chicken, I'm more of an autumn pheasant, so the lines under my eyes are bound to be visible. But my Mac concealer was making them even MORE visible, turning them into crinkly mummy-pouches before the night had even begun. Now I put a bit of prep lotion under my eyes and then apply the works!
  4. I'd given up using the outrageously expensive "goat-hair brush" for applying foundation -- using a sponge instead -- but now I see that there are parts of my face where the goat-hair brush is essential. You basically need it wherever you have -- ahem -- growth. After using the brush on those areas you can go over them a second time with the sponge.
So there you have it! May your first year with CoverFX be prettier than mine has been.


morgan said...

have you tried using a barrier cream prior to foundation?

another trick is to powder your oily areas first and then foundation

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Yes, the barrier cream was your suggestion when I first cried into your cleavage about this. It ended up being just one more thing for my foundation to slide around on.

Fortunately, powdering my nose before applying foundation is the key, along with vigorous de-oiling before the powder goes on. Not perfect, but good...