Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kill Your Husband, Smell Good

The folks at Odorono certainly have their moral code all worked out, here in the September 22, 1928 issue of The New Yorker:
You may have more of a past than a future, but you are personally irreproachable.

Have you shop-lifted, smuggled, poisoned your husband, broken good men's hearts in your dark past?

Don't let conscience worry you! Use Odorono!
This is right up there with the Murad cigarette ads, which imply that being "calm and collected" is more important than -- say -- accidental vehicular homicide.

Anyway, for those who use Odorono in the recommended dosage (twice a week), here are the benefits:
Fastidious women frankly depend on Odorono for freedom from perspiration embarrassments. Its sure protection gives them poise, keeps their skin immaculate, free from moisture (in spite of exercise, humidity, heat). They wear good clothes--and do not ruin them by ugly under-arm stains.

Odorono is harmless. Delightful to use. Instantly effectual.


Kimber said...

Mmmm, I love the smell of dead husband in the morning!

Morgan James said...

I wonder if one could use Odorono to kill one's husband? Slipped into a martini perhaps?

Muffy St. Bernard said...

The cops would figure it out too quickly. "Hey, this corpse is poised, immaculate, and free from moisture!"