Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Gross Next Door

I have several reasons to be glad that I moved out of my old apartment two years ago, but one of the biggest reasons is the SEWAGE.

In that old apartment the basement is a long room full of storage closets, laundry facilities, and electrical equipment. Down the middle of the room runs a rusty pipe which always transported our feces safely away, until one hot summer day...

...I came home and heard a bunch of people working in the basement. I went down and saw that some men were standing in the external door at the far end, and in between them the floor was flooded with brown liquid an inch deep.

Wondering what was going on, I walked halfway through the basement towards the guys before I realized that I was skimming through raw sewage, so fresh that stuff was still floating in it. The men were city workers who had come to fix a sudden back-up in our drains, and they found it amusing that I'd decided to come downstairs and stand in shit, right in front of them. Like, they they thought it was both funny AND sad, particularly since all of our storage lockers were flooded as well.

Needless to say I was happy to move away from that mess (and to throw out that pair of shoes), but I still do my laundry down there...

...and today I went over and left my clothes in the washer, and when I came back there was poop everywhere. What a stink! Right back into the storage lockers. I suspect I'm the first person to notice this situation. It felt kind of nice to just pack up my clean clothes and sneak away.

After all, it's not MY poop any more. I've got worries of my own!


Kimber said...

Good Lord! What kind of ghetto are you living in, Muffy? For heaven's sake, GET OUT! You are too lovely to be subjected to repeated feces floods. You've already had to contend with Zsa Zsa's poo-screams. Surely there are better, less poopy places to live in Waterloo...

Adam Thornton said...

Oh no, I might not have explained this properly! :)

I used to live in apartment "A," which had the sewage problem. Then I moved to apartment "B," where I live now.

These apartments are right next to each other and are owned by the same landlords. I still need to go to apartment "A," to do my laundry, because that's where the washer/dryer is.

So the sewage backed up in apartment "A" while I was doing my laundry, but I don't actually live there anymore, and for that I'm thankful. :)

I agree, though...I AM too lovely for floods o' feces!