Monday, September 01, 2008

The ZsaZsaBlog Continues...

I noticed last night when I came home that Zsa Zsa wasn't sleeping on my bed, like she normally does. Instead she sat halfway under the couch. When I went to bed she didn't follow me...totally abnormal.

After two hours of sleep she finally came into my bedroom and woke me up. For the past year her balance has been getting increasingly "off," but this morning she's downright wobbly, and when she sits down she keeps swaying gently from side to side as though about to fall over. Plus she doesn't seem to sit down totally, just sort of squats on her haunches.

I think she's exhausted and dim-witted, and since I am as well -- afraid to go to sleep and afraid even to look too much at her -- we're a circling team of weirdness, possibly feeding off each other's distress. This is the first time that I've seen her engage in strange behaviour. She doesn't seem to be upset and she's not reclusive, but she IS purring at odd times, which I've heard can be a sign of anxiety or pain.

I want to sit with her and observe her actions, but doing that is so upsetting because she's so obviously "not her." And I just want one more hour of sleep, pleeeeeease.

This simply HAD to happen during a long weekend, you know? Her previous crisis -- the "pee scream" -- happened on a long weekend as well. I'm so tired that I'm feeling an absolute FURY that I can't call the vet, and also kicking myself for not calling last week when it was apparent something was wrong.


Lois said...

Oh no, poor ZsaZsa.
I know how helpless you feel Muffy when all you can do is try to make them comfortable.
All you can do is make sure she has lots of fresh water and is kept cool and comfortable in this heat we're having.
Good Luck to you both.

Adam Thornton said...

Yes, it's the helplessness that's the most frustrating! And not being able to QUESTION her about what's wrong, or how I could make her feel better. It didn't help that I'd only had two hours of sleep...the double-whammy of long weekend and no car sort of drove me around the bend.

Fortunately I bought her a water fountain a few weeks ago, so she has no lack of water, and I did manage to get her out onto the shady balcony for a bit. I no longer think she's dying, but she's certainly hurting.

Thanks, Lois!

Kimber said...

Don't worry Muffy, she'll be okay. She's lucky she has a kind owner such as yourself to minister to her comfort while forgoing your own. Best of luck at the Vet!

Anonymous said...

Ack! We rec'd a pair of yet to be named kittens this weekend. I can only hope that we don't have as many adventures as you and ZZ have....

We'll be thinking of you both and sending good thoughts since there's nothing else we can do from here. Roundworm? Ick. Shudder.


Adam Thornton said...

Morgan, it's WAY past time for you and Craig to get kittens!

Don't let this scare you...Zsa Zsa has been totally healthy for the eight years that I've had her, so I suppose we're overdue for problems. A 13-year-old cat is way more fragile than a kitten, that's for sure!

PS: I hear that kittens and monkeys get along well.