Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Pepys Entry

January 1st, 1660:
To-day the King dined at a lord's two doors down from us. Mr. Moore and I went to Mr. Pierce's; in our way seeing the Duke of York bring his Lady to-day to wait upon the Queen, the first time that ever she did since that business; and the Queen is said to receive her now with much respect and love; and there he cast up the fees, and I told the money, by the same token the £100 bag, after I had told it, fell all about the room, and I fear I have lost some of it. Supped with them and Mr. Pierce, the purser, and his wife and mine, where we had a calf's head carboned, but it was raw--we could not eat it--and a good hen. But she is such a slut that I do not love her victualls.


Adam Thornton said...

That's what I was trying to figure out too!

MK McIntyre over at The Pepys Blog clarified things a bit:

"JA, actually ‘slut’ means something different in N America than it does in the UK. Some years ago, my boss (from Nottingham) and I were standing at the window of her jewellery store (in Toronto) as a neighbourhood regular walked by. “She’s such a slut,” my boss remarked absently. When she saw my eyes standing out on stalks, she laughed and explained that in England, ‘slut’ means a woman who is slovenly, not sexually loose.

"I guess Sam is disgusted with the uncleanliness of the hostess and is having unsettling visions of the state of the kitchen.

"Nothing like drinking out of an indifferently cleaned wineglass… feh."

Kimber said...

I have heard of being "sluttishly dressed" so that makes sense. But it did amuse me to think of a slutty hen.

Adam Thornton said...

Seriously, something needs to be done about those slutty hens, always preening and pecking.

Anonymous said...

"The Slutty Hen" - now there's a fine name for an inn!