Sunday, October 07, 2007

Because It's Saturday: Ann Miller

Many people have idols, drag queens especially. There's a lot to be said about the type of idols we choose, but mine is a natural fit: Ann Miller, queen of taps and all-around wonderful person.

If I can be half as sweet, tolerant, and tight-lipped as Ann was, I think I can probably die and go to heaven. She died a few years ago -- still sweet, still down-to-earth, still tight-lipped -- and it's my GREAT regret that I never got to meet her.

Here's Ann in "On the Town." Her life was full of tragedies, one of which that she was paired with lunkheads like Jules Munshin. Ignore that, get a kick out of her "kicking and spinning," and reflect a moment on a B-starlet who never kissed butt or talked sh*t. Ann, some of us cared deeply for you.

Some of us still do the "Ann Miller Hand Gesture," which I'll demonstrate again soon.

PS: Re-reading this, I realize it sounds funny. What I meant was that I ASPIRE to Ann Miller-hood, and I respect her immensely, but I do not think I come close to reaching her Ann-ness. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you grace us with an 'Annie' type tap routine one of these days.

Adam Thornton said...

I figure I'll take it up seriously when I'm 75. :)

Anonymous said...

Please. Not seriously. But, what's wrong with now?

Adam Thornton said...

A combination of things. I've never been the type to devote myself entirely to a single pursuit, my VCR is still in an area that is carpeted, and NO local dance studios offer introductory tap for adults. I'd feel awfully tall taking those classes!

Anonymous said...

Still - to do Ann Miller. Wouldn't it be worth it? And there are those of us - your fans - who simply want to see you tap dance.