Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Murad Cigarettes

In between the more well-known cigarette ads (Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, and...errr, "Spud"), the 1928 New Yorker reader will constantly come across this campaign by Murad:
Emotional Moments in the Life of a Flapper

When your father comes in suddenly after you have come home from a dance, and finds you in a tight clutch with a young man, just...Offer Dad a Murad.
These advertisements are all short, punchy stories about people who commit faux pas and then -- to show their coolness and to perhaps delay a punch in the nose -- light a Murad. This one (from May 5, 1928) is the first I've seen specifically targeting "flappers" in a "tight clutch," however. Illustrated by a fish, no less.

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