Thursday, October 25, 2007

iTunes Word Search: "Sex"

With all that talk about sex and me puking -- and all the interesting points you readers have made in the comments -- I had to consult my iPod and find out what SHE thinks about sex in general.
  1. All You Ever Think About is Sex (Sparks)
  2. Am I Sexy? (Lords of Acid)
  3. Are You Read for the Sex Girls? (Gleaming Spires)
  4. Deep Sexy Space (Lords of Acid)
  5. Do You Think I'm Sexy? (Revolting Cocks)
  6. Feels Like Sex (Geri Halliwell)
  7. Generation Sex (The Divine Comedy)
  8. Goddess of Sexxx (Goddess of Destruction)
  9. I Want Your Sex (George Michaels)
  10. Leathersex (My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult)
  11. My Exclusive Sex Club (Drywall)
  12. Prison Sex (Tool)
  13. Rough Sex (Lords of Acid)
  14. Savage Sexteen (My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult)
  15. Sex (The Pipettes)
  16. Sex (I'm A...) (Berlin)
  17. Sex Bomb (Lords of Acid)
  18. Sex Dwarf (Soft Cell)
  19. Sex Nerve (Adrian Belew)
  20. Sex Object (Kraftwerk)
  21. Sex on the Flag (K.M.F.D.M.)
  22. Sex Whip (My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult)
  23. Sexual Revolution (Roger Waters)
  24. Sexy M.F. (Prince)
  25. Sexy M.M. (Whale)
  26. Sexy Rhino (Adrian Belew)
  27. Sexy Sadie (The Beatles)
  28. Tired of Sex (Moroboshi Industries)
  29. Too Much Sex, Not Enough Affection (Timbuk 3)
  30. You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate)
So the themes are generally about actual sexiness (in either a serious or a campy way), political observations about sex & gender, poking fun at kinkiness, and then the lone case of Tool.


Adrian said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy BIRTH-day dear MUF-fy, Happy Birthday to you!!

I hope you have a fantastic day, and forget you are half way to 70 (oops!).

P.S. Did you ever end up downloading that album I sent you on iTunes a year or two back?? I think is was Muse.

Anonymous said...

It is your birthday, isn't it? Sorry, it's been a long time...I had forgotten.

Cheers and well wishes, then. Many happy returns.

Adam Thornton said...

Thanks, Adrian! I know, I'm reading all these books about people entering "the second half of their lives," and suddenly it clicked: that's ME! And you too, y'know.

And I never did download Muse, I don't think I've even been back to the iTunes store! I'll try it out today; I get so frustrated with obtuse websites, especially ones that tell me to download TV shows and then don't let me because I'm Canadian.

Adam Thornton said...

Thank you, McMonkey! And now is it time to reveal your identity, or are you naturally portentious? :)

Anonymous said...

Well, all right, but be prepared to be disappointed.

It's Scott.

How's every little thing?

Adam Thornton said...

Scott, holy cow!

Every little thing is great, and how about you? Where are you nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Nothing so glamorous as you, my dear. Still in Stratford. I went and got, the whole nine yards. Working and trying to figure out my place in all this. I was at the in-laws and saw your article in the Record.

Which brought me here. It's been good hearing from you again, if only indirectly. I've always felt bad about the way we drifted apart.

Consider your audience one person larger.

Adam Thornton said...

I do remember seeing you and Carla many years ago at Gen-X! And still in Stratford.

Are you still illustrating? A few weeks ago I stumbled across this awful thing we did, me typing and adventure and you illustrating it. I couldn't spell, that's for sure. But I guess we were 11 years old or something...

Anonymous said...

The dumb thing about seeing us at GenX is, I thought it was you at the time, but wasn't sure, so I didn't say anything tin order to avoid awkwardness.

As for the illustrating, most of my stuff is for my own personal edification...I designed the cover for our new employee handbook at work (woo), a little photography now and again. If and when I can find the time, that is.

I'd love/hate to see that thing you found some time.