Wednesday, October 10, 2007

iTunes Word Search: "Tree"

In honour of all the saplings that have been destroyed recently -- and of all those trees I saw over the weekend, and of all those leaves people will be raking up soon -- here are the "Tree" songs that showed up on my iPod yesterday:
  1. Above the Treeline (Jane Siberry)
  2. Birds in the Trees (The Residents)
  3. Boy in a Tree (Nits)
  4. Gazebo Tree (Kristin Hersch)
  5. Hairy Trees (Goldfrapp)
  6. Living in a Tree (Adrian Belew)
  7. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree (Ween)
  8. Red Maple Tree (Field Trip)
  9. Shimmy Tree (Deerfoot)
  10. Sitting in the Palmtree (ABBA)
  11. Sitting Under a Tree (Wild Carnation)
  12. Tree is Falling (Nits)
  13. The Treehouse (The Cheebacabra)
  14. Treehugger (Edward Ka-Spel)
  15. Underneath the Big Green Tree (Stan Ridgway)
  16. With Used Furniture We Make a Tree (Nits)
These songs tend to use trees as markers, containers, and supporters. There's the usual absurdist stuff, but also some ecology and -- from Jane Siberry -- a glorious song about the North.

I'm also noticing that The Residents ALWAYS show up in these lists, as do Nits. They must have song titles with a wide variety of nouns in them. And I think that I'm showing a great ABBA-loyalty by having "Sitting in the Palmtree" on my iPod.

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